Turning Vinyl Into MP3s – Made Easy

Denon USB 200 Turntable

Forget the old and difficult ways of getting vinyl into MP3 format, that would take forever and rely on expensive software and fiddly editing. Denon has come up with a really smart device that looks like an old school turntable but actually hides a load of digital wizardry under its sleek exterior.

The Denon DP-200USB‘s name gives away more than you’d think: it costs around £200 and contains a USB port which makes it incredibly easy to rip songs from your record collection onto an MP3 player.

This is nothing new, of course, but it’s the ease and style with which Denon’s musical alchemist transforms analog to digital that make it so impressive. Plug in a USB, press a button and then play the vinyl you want to encode – its that simple. And all at a high quality 192 kbps (tracks bought on iTunes are 128 kbps and upwards, to put that in perspective) that sounds great.

Intelligent software then does the next bit of work for you: Auto Track Divide will spot the silent pauses between songs and neatly translate the music into seperate files.

If you’re on a PC, Audio Waveform Recognition can then be used to check the huge online music database Gracenote to automatically name your new files and attach the correct meta-data.

It’s the most impressive gadget I’ve played with in ages – see Denon.co.uk for more info.