TV On The Radio’s New Single Remixed – Free MP3

As they wait no doubt indifferently to find out where they’ve made it in the various albums of the year lists, New York‘s experimental heroes TV On The Radio are getting ready to release their new single ‘Dancing Choose’ (on January 12).

Check out the band’s Tunde Adebimpe on the set of the video talking about the track’s “stream of conciousness exploration of push button consumerism” and cooling his “unmentionables”:

This remix – a B-side on the CD – comes courtesty of New York producer Prefuse 73, aka Guillermo Scott Herren, and runs pretty true to the original for three minutes, before making the vocals jump through loops in a labyrinth of filters.

Scott Herren is a pretty prolific guy on Warp Records who’s been dabbling in hip-hop and electronica for several years and has recently joined forces with members of Sunn O))), Hella, School Of Seven Bells and Pivot (hell yeah) for some abstract folktronic excursions in a project called Risil. Check out their MySpace.

Download the Prefuse 73 remix of TV On The Radio‘s Dancing Choose here.

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