Winter is coming, here are the sweatshirts you need to keep warm…

You'll get through the winter in these

So, the best of summer is pretty much over: long days, festivals, bevs in the sun. As we all shiver away, we can’t help but point you in the direction of a few snuggly sweatshirts, available from the NME Merch Store.

‘You’ll Get Theroux This’ Sweatshirt – Buy Now

We know winter can be cruel and deceptive, so what better incentive to keep you going than, what can basically be considered, a wearable hug from Louis Theroux? “You’ll get Theroux this,” he smiles as you groggily drag yourself out from the warmth of your bed, knowing that the greatest national treasure really does believe in you.

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Friends Inspired Janice ‘Oh My God!’ Sweatshirt – Buy Now

OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! IT’S SO COLD! Channel your inner Janice as you obnoxiously shout away the hellish torment of winter.

Mr. Motivator Tribute Sweatshirt – Buy Now

In the ’90s he burst onto our screens with ceaseless energy and a level of enthusiasm only rivalled by sugar-addled toddlers. Nothing can warm your soul quite like the brazen positivity of Mr. Motivator, making this sweatshirt extra cosy. Even if you don’t make it to the gym, you still get bonus points for kind of spreading his healthy etho

Love Island Inspired Hashtag Tuna Melt Sweatshirt – Buy Now

Never heard back from your festival love? Feeling a bit muggy? That’s ok, we’re here for you. Own your inner melt with this classic Love Island phrase sweatshirt. It’s okay to be a tuna melt – especially in winter. A tuna melt is, by nature, warm and comforting. Four for you, tuna melt! You go tuna melt.

Rick and Morty ‘Hit The Sack Jack’ Sweatshirt – Buy Now

During wintertime you get a free pass for being grumpy. It only makes sense – it’s cold, your car won’t start and your fingers are numb. Wear your inner anguish proudly and embrace that anger! Rick would be so proud.

Kenan and Kel Montage Sweatshirt – Buy Now

“They keep you laughing in the afternoon,” and as the afternoons start blurring rapidly into night, you really will be needing all the fun you can get.

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Words: Irene Mackie