Burning cars and backflips: what went down at Twenty One Pilots’ Brixton show

The Trench era is officially here

After over a year away, last night Twenty One Pilots’ made their triumphant live return at the O2 Academy in Brixton. Performing in a fairly intimate venue (at least, compared to their upcoming stadium shows), the duo debuted songs from their fifth album ‘Trench’ to an army of devoted fans. If you couldn’t get in, here’s what went down:

They brought the Heavydirtysoul car

The beginning of the ‘Trench’ era was visually marked in the ‘Jumpsuit’, with the car from the band’s ‘Heavydirtysoul’ video still on fire. So for the start of the band’s new live experience Tyler and Josh  obviously wheeled the car onto the stage at the Brixton academy and lit it on fire.



The new stage show is madly brilliant

We knew it would be; but the band pulled out all the stops for their one-off show in Brixton. Aside from the Heavydirtysoul-car, there was a wicked lightshow, CO2 cannons and a shed-load of Trench-era confetti.

The backflips are back

Because would it be a Twenty One Pilots’ show without them?

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The yellow confetti is here

As the band finished with their usual closer, ‘Trees’; but instead gone is the red confetti from the last album; instead the finale is now adorned with the yellow ‘Trench’-era confetti.


And now there’s going to be a third Wembley show

The guys used their Brixton show to announce a third date at Wembley Arena next year.  that after selling out their two Wembley arena shows in three hours, the only thing to do would be to add on another night.

Tyler told the adoring audience: “we are coming back in March to play a full thing. And we just thought maybe tonight-there’s two sold out nights already happening…sold out in like three hours, which is unbelievable. But right now, I’m announcing – I talked to Josh on the way over here today and said, “Hey, let’s do a third night” so we’re gonna do a third night.”

The setlist was banging

The first live show of the ‘Trench’ era featured a truly excellent set list, with live debuts of the four tunes already released from the upcoming album, as well as a host of old favourites.

Check out footage from last night below:

Twenty One Pilots played:

Heavydirtysoul (Intro)
Jumpsuit (live debut)
Levitate (Live debut)
We Don’t Believe What’s on TV
The Judge
Nico and the Niners (Live debut)
Lane Boy
Holding on to You
Stressed Out
My Blood (Live debut)
Car Radio

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