‘Twin Peaks’ is back, and nobody knows what’s going on

Lynch has done it again, single-handedly managing to confuse everyone

One of television’s most culturally adored shows returned last night (May 21). After 26 years away, Twin Peaks came back with a bang. Two episodes, spanning four hours in total, did more than enough to satiate the appetite of Lynch-obsessed, damn good coffee-sipping, cherry pie-munching Peaks-heads the world over. But this wouldn’t be Twin Peaks without a healthy dose of confusion.

After being glued to the show’s long-awaited comeback for season three – one that looked like it might never happen, at one stage – fans of the show had mixed reactions. Some believed they’d just spent several hours in a surrealist paradise. Others wanted their four hours back. One thing’s certain – even the most diehard of Lynch fans doesn’t have all the answers, and the majority of viewers are well and truly baffled by what they’ve just seen.

Here’s what fans are making of season three so far:


Twin Peaks first came out to a world where smartphones didn’t exist, where you’d have to meet friends IRL to find out if they were into Lynch’s weird creations. It’s a show to immerse yourself in, not view with distractions.

For some, emotions took hold.

From the very first minute, it was clear this wasn’t going to be a simple TV experience.


Some people were struggling to keep up.


What does it all mean?

If the plot was all getting a bit much, at least we had a talking point in Dale Cooper’s hair.

Not even the official credits knew what was going on.


But you know what? Who actually expected Twin Peaks to be linear and predictable?

It’s definitely not for everybody.


But those already converted to Lynch’s mastery found themselves in love.

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