Twitter And Instagram Are Losing Their Shit Over The Star Wars Premiere in London – Watch It Live Here

The UK Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere is happening tonight in London’s Leicester Square! NME will be there from 5pm, so stay with us on Twitter and you won’t miss a thing. But there’s already action underway – as the following Twitter and and Instagram posts prove. You can also keep up with the goings-on via the livestream below. Squee!

A long time ago…

(About 13 hours ago, to be precise.)

And look how swish Leciester Square is right now!

Check out this sweet crane

Wrist bands, fancy dress, explosions. Excited we are!

Some people are even getting punny with excitement

This dude has pretty good spot

It’s like a Death Star in progress

Star Wars: ruining friendships since 1977

Looks like this guy has actually been in line since 1977 (frozen in carbonite, probably)