These people won Twitter in 2017

Bow down to Barack Obama, Chrissy Teigen and that chicken nuggets guy

Twitter in 2017 was a bleak treadmill of news, Trump rants and ice-cold takes. But within that unrelenting churn were a few oases of humour, wit and wisdom that shone. Here are our 15 favourite tweeters of the year.

1. Barack “nothing but respect for my President” Obama

…whose gracious response to the tragic violence in Charlottesville became the most-liked tweet ever, while Trump had the gall to say there was “blame on both sides”.

2. Chicken Nuggets Guy


…who got a bunch of free nuggets and a Verified badge after he put out an open request for retweets and achieved the most retweeted tweet of all time.

3. Chrissy Teigen

…who continues to be the funniest, realest celeb on Twitter.

4. Ryan Reynolds x Blake Lively

…who must be commended for their continued silliness.


5. Dan Harmon

…who gave us Rick and Morty and also loads of lolzy tweets.

6. This Corbyn captioner


7. Mindy Kaling x B.J. Novak

The Office‘s terrible two made us laugh both separately and together.

8. The Good Place writer Megan Amram

…who took the piss out of Trump almost every single day. Regal.

9. Bojack Horseman‘s Aparna Nancherla

…whose tweets made us laugh, but also think.

10. Milibae

…whose feed got at least 74 per cent more sassy this year.

11. Peter Crouch

…who continues to be very tall, and also funny.

12. Neville Southall

Inexplicably, the former Everton player is well into skeletons these days.

13. Limmy

…whose unique brand of misanthropy is almost heartwarming.

14. Armando Iannucci

…almost all of whose Thick Of It mishaps came true this year.

15. Pixelated Boat

…the internet’s darkest mystery comic.

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