Twitter Users Had Fun Photoshopping Indie Heroes Into Weird Stock Photos

When not recording The Stone Roses third album, Ian Brown likes to teach a spot of yoga. Jarvis Cocker, meanwhile, has a habit of mooning at very serious business meetings and Shaun Ryder and Bez have started their own massage parlour. That’s if The Poke‘s Twitter followers are to be believed.

The Poke, a brilliant satirical account on Twitter, often conjure up brilliant hashtags (out of nowhere) for followers to contribute to with puns, jokes or photoshops. On Tuesday, we saw one of their finest efforts date with this overlong, but very funny hashtag, ready? #StockPhotosGateCrashedBy80sAnd90sIndieMusicians.

So take a sneaky peak at Liam Gallagher, Morrisey and more spicing up some dull stock images in the finest moments of this excellent photoshop battle.

First up, here’s ‘Stone Roses doing poses’.

Here’s Jarvis’ arse being the main event of this important meeting.

Shane MacGowan is seen on the lash…of course.

As is Liam Gallagher…

Morrissey looks disappointed at the continued sales of chicken nuggets.

Bez and Shaun Ryder meanwhile have teamed up to provide a lovely, sensual massage. Those lads will do anything.

And finally, someone has combined two hashtags to make a Stone Roses-themed Easter card to give your mum for Easter. Aww.