Twitter reacts to A-Level results day 2017

If you haven't taken a photo jumping with your results have you even got your grades?

It’s that time again, when teens up and down the country takes photos of each other jumping in the air with some paperwork and Jeremy Clarkson reminds us how rich he is. That’s right, it’s A-Level results day.

Thousands of students have received their results today, with top grades increasing for the first time in six years, but there’s been a decrease of 2 percent in uni places confirmed this year, meaning more available on clearing. If you did miss your grades and want to know how this could affect you, here’s all you need to know.

Meanwhile, Twitter has, of course, found the fun in #ALevelResultsDay – because after all, who needs grades if you can go viral?


Here’s the best responses so far:

When you prepare for opening your results in the best possible way:

The tension before you open your results:

And then you get your real results early:


When you bossed your poetry exam:

And mastered your scandi-pop grades:

This clever bit of trickery:

This accurate reaction to being asked what you got:

When Jeremy Clarkson provided his annual piece of uplifting advice to those who may be disappointed with their grades:

And this chap’s response:

This example of having your priorities straight:

When you know your teachers won’t be angry, just disappointed:

And your parents aren’t best impressed:

And these realistic response to the day:

And of course, this incredible video of a lad getting through the day with a little liquid confidence:

Happy results day everyone!

If you have applied to University and have missed the grades, here’s what you can do next.