These Twitter users had an absolute riot with #MakeABandGreen

Saving the planet one pun at a time

Oh Twitter, our beloved home of succinct pithy comments, teen heartthrob stans and the not-so-occasional troll. In the latest music-inspired hashtag users are being encouraged to #MakeABandGreen, and as expected, the results have been good enough to make even our lord and saviour David Attenborough proud. The premise was simple, you just need to change a a popular band name and bring them into 2018 by making them eco-friendly, and of course Twitter absolutely smashed it.

The puns started strong:

Then they just got even better:

And then people got bloody brilliant with it:

Whilst some tried to get clever with it:

Meanwhile, some chose to get a bit creative with their suggestions:

God bless you Twitter, and your constant dedication to both puns, and saving the planet. Your puns are so good they could help rebuild the hole in Ozone layer and aid the battle against climate change. Maybe.