Two Door Cinema Club Return Sleek But Frustrated On New Single ‘Are We Ready? (Wreck)’

Two Door Cinema Club‘s music has always been sleek, even on 2010 debut album ‘Tourist History’. They’ve also always made a habit of progressing, ramping up the sophistication on each release, which sounds like an obvious move for a band to make, but is one of those things that can often be easier said than done.

‘Are We Ready? (Wreck)’ doesn’t change that trajectory. The first track from the band’s third album (“out soon”, they mysteriously told Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac), it’s a proper hint at what to expect from the County Down boys’ return. The band have cited Prince, Bowie, Miguel and Kanye West as influences on this album and you can definitely hear the effect of the first two here in the track’s loping bass groove and jittering, spidery guitar line respectively. It’s a track that possesses a polished minimalism – there’s few more pieces added throughout, just a children’s choir “nah nah nah”-ing at various points and subtle layers of zipping guitar. The epitome of sleek, then, whilst maintaining Two Door’s knack for making you need to dance.

In interviews with NME and Annie Mac, the trio have discussed how their comeback single focuses on frontman Alex Trimble trying to figure out his place within his generation. “I’ve felt very out of place for the past few years,” he told us ahead of the single’s unveiling, and you can hear some of that frustration in the lyrics. “You should be comfortable, just don’t think at all,” goes one line in the first verse and, though it’s sung in Trimble’s soft voice veering on falsetto, you can sense the vitriol dripping from his words.

Perhaps most cutting of all, though, is the bridge, in which the singer lists the things we’re being sold, like “refrigerator hum/Chewing gum and instant karma“. “The wars are whoring/All the stores are bored with all your money,” he continues. “We follow what’s to come/That’s what they sold to me.” It oozes dissatisfaction, a desolate critique of a world where we’re becoming zombies to materialism and technology by someone who’s yet to succumb to it like those around him. Put down your smart phone and pay attention.