Two Door Cinema Club’s Surreal ‘Gameshow’ Launch Gig Showed A Much Changed Band

Returning indie-pop heroes Two Door Cinema Club took over the Tufnell Park Dome last night (September 14) for a surreal and exciting pre-album party. ‘Gameshow’ comes out next month and this early preview showed a band who’ve changed a hell of a lot since we last saw them.

They’ve Become An Actual Cinema Club

The Dome was converted into an old-school Roxy for the night, with velvet curtains hung around the entire venue and a cinema screen erected across the stage to show La Jetée, a 1962 French sci-fi film made up almost entirely of still photographs, which inspired not only the movie 12 Monkeys but TDCC’s new song ‘Je Viens De La’. The half-hour film concerns a prisoner in post-apocalyptic France being used in time travel experiments which, since we were ourselves being transported back to 1974, the crowd could relate to.

They’ve Been Through A Lot

La Jetée was followed by a short documentary about the making of new album ‘Gameshow’, full of frank revelations about how relations within the band fractured over the course of the tour for second album ‘Beacon’. After five years of solid touring and living together, the band revealed, they’d reached a point of personal and creative stagnation, always coming back to “the same books, the same films” and the same musical styles and themes. Hence ‘Gameshow’ being such a Prince-inspired departure into the world of falsetto sex disco.

#TwoDoorCinemaClub were really good last night, love small venues

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Alex Trimble Has Caught Some Of Alex Turner’s Elvis Vibe


When the screen is removed and TDCC hit the stage to the rousing Charlie Chaplin speech from The Great Dictator, a new bred of Alex Trimble emerges. Unshackled from his guitar for some of the new album’s dancefloor bangers, he hip-shakes around the stage and addresses the crowd with the sort of Elvis-has-re-entered-the-building-via-the-indie-back-door voice that Alex Turner adopted around ‘Humbug’. There’s clearly something in the champagne…

They’ve Always Been A Little Bit Chic

As all-new funk-fests like ‘Bad Decisions’ and ‘Are We Ready? (Wreck)’ turn the Dome into one big Saturday Night Fever, they cast fresh light on the Nile Rodgers influence that’s always been in their blood. It’s there beneath the itchy pop mania of ‘Undercover Martyn’ and ‘Do You Want It All?’, while ‘Changing Of The Season’ could be Death Cab For Cutie rewriting ELO’s ‘Xanadu’.