13 Euro 2016 Football Anthems Ranked And Rated

The best football anthems are behind us, some would say. But Euro 2016 is upon us and so are a batch of new wannabe favourites. We’ve taken a look at some of the new national anthems and ranked them for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.

13. Scotland: Paddy Power’s Euro Anthem

Vibe: This is an advert, so we can’t rate it too highly. It also contains every stereotype of Scotland ever.
Catchiness: It’s literally ‘Vindaloo’ in the glen, so it’s scoring a solid 92 on the catchometer.
Key lyric:Scotland won’t be there, do you think we really care?

12. Belgium: Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Steve Aoki vs Ummet Ozcan – ‘Melody’

Vibe: A blender filled with nails, glass and thumping EDM. Someone says ‘Are you ready?’ at one point.
Catchiness: It’s totally bland, so – not very.
Key lyric: There aren’t any 🙁

11. Sweden: Frej Larsson feat. Joy – ‘Mitt Team’

Vibe: Guttural rap over voguish EDM beats. Zlatan Ibrahimovic makes an appearance in the video.
Catchiness: You’ll definitely remember the chorus.
Key lyric:Mitt Team”. It’s repeated approximately 244 times.

10. Portugal: Pedro Abrunhosa – ‘#1de11milhões’

Vibe: Sombre piano ballad full of noble intentions.
Catchiness: They’re hoping people will sing it in stadiums but it sounds like funeral music.
Key lyric:E tudo o que eu sonhei, tu farás por mim.” (Everything I dreamed, you will do for me)

9. France: Skip The Use – ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You (My Team)’

Vibe: This official anthem is a sort-of cover of the mega Kiss song – so, controversially for French stuff, it’s sung entirely in English. The main difference is that instead of ‘my girl’ they sing ‘my team’, which feels weird and wrong.
Catchiness: You already know the song, which helps, and they’ve also added in some Nile Rodgers-ish guitar that makes them sound like they’re going for ‘Get Lucky’. It isn’t ‘Get Lucky’, sadly.
Key lyric:I can’t get enough of you, my team, can you get enough of me?

8. Northern Ireland: London Green and White Army – ‘Making Our Way To Paris’

Vibe: A charity single with acoustic guitars, a big chorus and lots of memories.
Catchiness: It’s mostly quite low-key, but there’s a good bit of chanting in the chorus.
Key lyric:Don’t know what’s waiting but there’ll be craic, in Paris

7. Europe: David Guetta feat. Zara Larsson – ‘This One’s For You’

Vibe: Tropical house full of platitudes and designed to appeal to everyone.
Catchiness: Meh.
Key lyric:We stand strong together/We’re in this forever”. Seriously.

6. Ireland: Seo Linn – ‘The Irish Roar’

Vibe: Church acoustics, acoustic guitars, and a focus on the past. Mentions the Champs-Élysées AND Robbie Keane. Rollicking.
Catchiness: Chorus: medium-to-good. 7/10
Key lyric:Óró, sé do bheatha ‘bhaile”, the name of a traditional Irish song. Means ‘Oh, welcome home’, which is nice.

5. Germany: Cuba Libre – ‘Arriba Deutschland’

Vibe: Latin rhythms, German words. Unofficial.
Catchiness: It’s possibly the most fun German has ever sounded.
Key lyric:Arriba Deutschland”. What a juxtaposition of words.

4. Wales: The Manic Street Preachers – ‘Together Stronger (C’mon Wales)’

Vibe: Upbeat, defiant and strings-backed official anthem. Full of history of Wales’ football history.
Catchiness: More stirring than catchy.
Key lyric:When Gareth Bale plays we can beat any side

3. Italy: Giogiga – ‘Italia’

Vibe: We’re 87% sure this is a joke, but it’s so full of unabashed cheer we can’t ignore it. It’s unofficial Europop with a beer belly.
Catchiness: 100.
Key lyric:L’Italia è nel mio cuore” (Italy is in my heart). There’s also a brilliant bit where he lists Italian players, but he hasn’t learnt them and has to read them from a laptop screen.

2. England: Four Lions – ‘We Are England’

Vibe: Goldie, Shaun Ryder, Paul Oakenfold and Ruthless Rap Assassins’ MC Kermit take us back to the ’90s with piano house and shouty lyrics. The aim, presumably, being to recall the glories of Euro 1996 20 years ago (which England hosted, but didn’t win).
Catchiness: It’s definitely a grower. You won’t forget the chorus.
Key lyric:We’re England ’til we die

1. Wales: Super Furry Animals – ‘Bing Bong’

Vibe: Unofficial, bonkers, vocoder-aided genius. Irreverent and somehow patriotic at the same time.
Key lyric:Bing Bong”, obviously. The other lyrics are in Welsh but, in English, include gems such as “Oh! Moon of beauty/You peak every month/But I’m constantly peaking.