UK Track Exclusive: Los Porcos’ ‘Sunshine’

Former members of WU LYF have been experimenting outside the realms of heavy pop since going their separate ways last November, with frontman Ellery Roberts turning out lofty emotive indie under his own name and bassist Francis Lung showing an affinity for subtle Jarvis Cockerisms on ‘Age Limits’.

Most prolific of the reinventions is seven-piece, Los Porcos – featuring WU’s Francis, Joseph and Evans – whose brace of disco-daubed debut offerings ‘Do You Wanna Live?’ and ‘Jesus Luvz U Baby’ set hips swaying back in March.

Their debut AA-side is out next month featuring ‘C.F.W.’ and ‘Sunshine’. The latter being the more driven of the two with choppy calypso guitar figures and flickering hi-hats propping up gleaming harmonies of, “You make me feel, alllright”. All the glitz and glamour of New Pork City captured by a band out to carve off a slice of fun on their own terms.

‘C.F.W’/‘Sunshine’ is out on 15 September via Caledonia Records.