The last minute guide to your office Secret Santa gift

Don't panic - we've got your back.

Whoever says that away day with bizarre teamwork exercises or boozy evenings in your local is the best form of work place bonding is wrong; it’s obviously panicking over what to get your colleague for work place Secret Santa. The fear of getting it wrong, the realisation that you actually know nothing about the person you’re buying from, the embarrassment when you get the one lactose intolerant member of staff a box of Ferrero Rocher: it’s a truly uniting experience.

But if you’ve not got your work wife and end up with that rogue employee you never really see, or you just have no idea what to get them – here’s the ultimate guide to your office Secret Santa.

What to get: for the office mum or dad?

There’s always that one person – the one who’ll take you aside for a cuppa if your big meeting’s gone badly, and the one who’ll instigate a strict cake rota, aka, they’re essential to the office. Make their massive rounds of tea that much easier to carry with this super useful tea carrier. The rest of the office will thank you for it too – which is exactly what they want.

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What to get: the Instagram addict

Their feed is filled with beautiful shots of amazing interiors and designer lattes. They have thousands of followers and can tell you what time you should post a picture to get the most likes. They’re probably scrolling whilst you’re trying to discuss something really important with them. They’re obsessed with their social media account, so why not aid their addiction with this perfectly ‘grammable cactus key chain.

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What to get: the one with green fingers?

Whether they’ve just got an allotment and want everyone to know about it, or have a house full of plants that they post all over Instagram, get the gardening fanatic in your office this “Grow Your Own Cucamelon Set” and show you’ve paid attention to all the times they’ve been panicking about grey mould on their crops.

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What to get: the big kid?

You’ll find them encouraging games of swivel chair jousting and trying to perform elaborate pranks. Get something that appeals to their unique sense of childlike wonder, like these mad lights that turn your bath into a full on rave.

Underwater Disco Lightshow

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What to get: for the after work drinks instigator?

“Alright guys, fancy a pint after work?” Those precious few words are the calling card of the office party animal. Always the last in the pub; they miraculously manage to get into the office on time every day, despite having been out until 5am and having necked several Jägerbomb (and all on a Monday evening). You’ve picked their name? Get them this excellent parody ‘The Very Hungover Caterpillar’.

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What to get: for the craft beer fanatic?

Similar to the after work drinks instigator – these guys enjoy nothing more than decent pint, in a proper pub. Honest Brew will fix you up with a brill gift for that beer aficionado in your life. For an easy secret santa gift, go for their Mighty Mix Howler – which comes with three cans of different craft beers.

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What to get: for that person who never stops banging on about going to gigs?

If they’re at gigs half as much as they think they are, they’re probably being exposed to mad loud music far too often. A pair of half decent earplugs are essential, and although it may seem like a boring gift – at least you know they’ll come in handy. They’ll thank you in the future, when you’ve single-handedly saved their hearing.

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What to get: for the new parent?

It’s hard juggling being a new parent and returning to the office, and these unsung heroes often don’t get the respect you deserve. Give them a totes lols grown up mister men book that’ll accurately depict the experience of parenthood (alternatively, just get them a bottle of wine, the deserve it).

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