The Ultimate Oasis Collectables: The Merch, CDs And Vinyl You Need To Own

Whether you’re a newbie to the world of the Gallaghers, or perhaps you were down the front for the opening of ‘Supersonic‘, there are some Oasis records, CDs, merch and more that no fan should be without. Check out which early releases and limited pressings you need to get your hands on and how you can do it.

The Vinyl


‘Columbia’ White Label

What: This initial 12” demo came in 1993, months before debut single ‘Supersonic’ was released the following year and was the first thing the lads put out as a group.
Why you need it: It’s just as ballsy as the final version, but has a rawer, amateurish feel to it that we’re totally digging.
Where to buy it: Since being reissued, the going rate for the vinyl is down to an affordable £12 on Discogs.


‘Be Here Now’ Reissue

What: The overlong yet underrated 1997 album is being reissued with B-sides and previously unheard demos.
Why you need it: Noel’s mixed a new version of ‘D’you Know What I Mean?’, hinting at what could have been if they’d shown a little restraint.
Where to buy it: Available from the official store, ranging from £9.99 for CD, £27.99 for the double LP and £89 for the deluxe remaster.


‘Dig Out Your Soul’ Boxset

What: A comprehensive boxset featuring CDs, LP, DVD and more from the ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ sessions.
Why you need it: Not only was it their final album, but also a storming return to form with killer lead single ‘The Shock Of The Lightning’ and Liam’s finest tune ‘I’m Outta Time’.
Where to buy it: Available from Amazon with prices starting at £54.


The Tape


Oasis ‘Live Demonstration’


What: Early demos of ‘Rock n’ Roll Star’ and ‘Fade Away’ feature on this exclusive fan club cassette.
Why you need it: A copy of this cassette was given to Creation Records boss Alan McGee following a gig in Glasgow. After one play, he signed the band immediately. History, right here.
Where to buy it: The tape was reproduced in 2014 so new copies are floating on the web, like this one currently priced at £9.99 on eBay.


The CDs


‘Roll With It’ Single

What: Their biggest single from 1995’s ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’.
Why you need it: It was the single release that instigated the infamous Britpop chart battle with Blur in August 1995. Blur topped the charts, but this is still a huge tune that any Oasis fan worth their salt will have.
Where to buy it: CD singles can be bought for less than £10, but vinyl copies could cost £30+.

‘Wibbling Rivalry’ Single

What: An unofficial single released under the name Oas*s which features no music, but instead 14 minutes of arguing between Noel and Liam from an NME interview in 1994.
Why you need it: It’s the Gallagher brothers doing what they do best: fighting. It also features references to that ferry incident in the early days, which Liam recently compared Noel’s response to Kevin Keegan.
Where to buy it: The single is available on all streaming sites, with CD versions on Discogs going for only £2 and 7” less than £5.


‘Definitely Maybe’ and ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’ Singles Collections

What: Collection of singles from ‘Definitely Maybe’ and ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’ packaged in replica fag packets.
Why you need it: What better way to sum up Oasis’ finest moments than in a snazzy looking set that warns: ‘Rock n’ Roll can seriously damage your health’.
Where to buy it: Complete sets of the ‘Definitely Maybe’ singles are available on Discogs for a mere £12, with mint versions of the ‘WTSMG’ collection at just under £20.


The Live Video


…There and Then

What: Live DVD of Oasis’ homecoming at Maine Road, Manchester in April 1996.
Why you need it: A few months later they’d play their era-defining shows at Knebworth, but these gigs are the biggest (and best) Oasis shows available on home release.
Where to buy it: DVD copies are rare and can cost upwards of $70 on some sites, but the VHS release is readily available for a meagre 99p on Discogs.


The Memorabilia


Knebworth Ticket Stub

What: The entry pass to the biggest UK gigs in history.
Why you need it: Even if you didn’t go, tickets to the shows are still a favourite of Oasis and music collectors.
Where to buy it: Listings appear sporadically on eBay, with the average price being about £30.


‘Stop The Clocks’ Dartboard

What: A unique dartboard crafted produced for the release of 2006 compilation album ‘Stop The Clocks’.
Why you need it: Because darts is great, and Oasis are great. Double great.
Where to buy it: Here’s the thing – only a handful of these were made, so getting your hands on it can be near impossible. Units that go up for sale fetch about £500.


Logo T-Shirt

What: The classic T-Shirt design.
Why you need it: If you’re going to own just one piece of Oasis clothing, it’s this one here. Iconic.
Where to buy it: You can get various colourways on the NME merch website starting at £20.


The Book


A Year On The Road With Oasis

What: Collection of photographs by Paul Slattery, who followed Oasis on the road between 1994 and 1995.
Why you need it: An essential and intimate look at their tours during their glory years.
Where to buy it: The paperback version is available from Amazon for just over £15.