Four Key Facts You Should Know About Electro-Soul Duo Honne

Four key pieces of info about electro-soul duo Andy Clutterbuck and James Hatcher, whose single ‘Warm On A Cold Night’ has had a tidy 7 million Spotify plays

They bonded over Radiohead

Andy: “It was a real love of Radiohead and Thom Yorke’s solo album ‘The Eraser’ that was our biggest inspiration when we started writing music.”
James: “What we took from it was the fact that they moulded their sound every time they put an album out. We were struck by ‘Kid A’ and the more electronic side of things. It shifted our mentality and took us into wanting to learn more about electronic music.”

They share a bus driver with Pantera


James: “Ray [the bus driver] told us a funny story. The guitarist [Dimebag Darrell] had one of these plastic clocks on the wall of the bus and after every gig he’d smash the clock. Just punch it. He’d just be like: ‘Alright, Ray!’ and then smash the clock. Then every day, Ray would wake up and a new clock would be there. This guy had bought a batch of clocks. And he’d do that every day of the tour. Smash the clock and replace it.”

Album one was nearly embarrassing

James: “Both singles ‘Warm On A Cold Night’ and ‘Someone That Loves You’ changed so much from when we first wrote them. The different versions were incomparable. You’d think they were two different bands.”
Andy: “Sometimes you’d do stuff to them and think, ‘My God, I can’t believe we nearly put that on the album sounding like it did before, that’d be so embarrassing.’”

They want Chance the Rapper on album two

James: “I think that’s quite probably impossible.”
Andy: “I’m going to hunt him down and stick a microphone in his face. The rap on the track will be like: ‘Get out of my face!’”