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Clock Opera – ‘A Piece Of String’

Clock Opera is predominantly the work of one man, fidgety genius and rampant remixer Guy Connelly, a guy who writes things on his MySpace like “last night I dreamt of tiny pieces of music floating through the air, reassembling themselves endlessly into infinite permutations”.

He’s already tinkered with Marina and The Golden Filter, so to speak, deconstructing their singles like precious carriage clocks and reassembling the parts so the cogs turn in new revolutions.

Clock Opera

The day job involves, with a few extra friends, very much what the name would suggest: metronomic electronica with an emotional heart, tragic mini soap operas sung with Guy’s soon-to-be-trademark voice about lies and dreams, hearts, smiles, and falling from heights over almost SMD-brand synths.


If you’re off shivering your tits off at The Great Escape they’re playing Hectors House on Saturday (15th May). If not, try Stag & Dagger on May 21st. ‘A Piece Of String’ is out on ltd 7″ on Maman Records.

Connan Mockasin – ‘It’s Choade My Dear’
This track has sparked a debate today that’s raged for far too long, mostly around the spelling of, and meaning of, the word “choade”. You can decide for yourselves at the always reliable Urban Dictionary. Confusion is something Connan Mockasin revels in.

Hailing from an area of New Zealand better known for its wine than anything else (Hawkes Bay), the mischievous oddball has created a debut album of warped pop weirdness entitled ‘Please Turn Me Into The Snat’ that’s been snapped up by that bastion of avant garde, Erol Alkan’s label Phantasy (home to LOTP and Fan Death). Further clues to his musical proclivities lie in the fact that he’s collaborated with Lawrence Arabia and been covered by Micachu. If that grabs you, click play and enter his rather strange world.



He just announced some support dates with Crowded House, but don’t let that put you off.

Elsewhere on the net
Springing up into the download meadow today are an excellent live version of Simian Mobile’s ‘Aspic’ and a new Boy 8-Bit track, ‘Restricted 18 (Part 1)’. Both are over at RCRD LBL.
Underworld have released new single ‘Scribble’ for free on their site.