Check Out This Muse Live Footage From 1994

If you’ve recently formed a band, and are worried you kind of suck, you can probably take heart from this footage of Muse, taken from a Battle Of The Bands at a deserted English Riviera Centre, Torquay, in November 1994 – because they sound awful.

This was not their debut gig – that was in Teignmouth, in February of the same year. But it’s certainly one of their first. Matt Bellamy was 16. And it’s interesting to note, from the compere’s introduction, that they’d changed their name from Rocket Baby Dolls to Muse by this point.

As you might imagine, they sound pretty terrible, clearly influenced by Nirvana’s sludgier moments, and there’s not much evidence of the mighty musical profiency which they later developed. In fact, it all looks pretty desolate – as local Battle Of The Bands tend to be.

These four clips (there are more after the jump) were posted by Miky Dunn, whose band also played that night.