Unicorn Kid – Lion Hat – Free MP3

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First up for 2009: Unicorn Kid

Unicorn Kid
(Pic: Clare McIntyre)


I don’t know what you were doing when you were 17 but I didn’t get much further than playing video games. Unicorn Kid, aka Leith-based teenager Oliver Sabin, has ditched the games, ripped his console to pieces and sat back laughing while the machine dies in an agony of digital screams and tormented bleep-blip tears.

It’s more Crystal Castles stuff but done well, with fluffy animal heads replacing the blood and gore.

Sabin also does his own graphics and has a sideline in freelance image consultancy, offering band logos (£40), T-shirt designs (£60) and MySpace spring cleans (£100) for other bands as long as it doesn’t take too much time from what he usually does (ie “music, school”). His MySpace has the details of this cottage industry.

He’s also doing an NME Radio session (January 16) and playing their ‘Skins’ launch party on January 20. Details here.

Download Unicorn Kid‘s Lion Hat


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