Vaccines Vs Two Door – Battle Of The Weird Album Sleeves

The Vaccines and Two Door Cinema Club are going head-to-head in the charts this week with their second albums, ‘The Vaccines Come Of Age’ and ‘Beacon’. Both of them have cover art that falls pretty high on the WTF-ometer. ‘The Vaccines Come Of Age’ features an androgynous teenage girl in place of each band member. ‘Beacon’ meanwhile… well, where do you start? It’s basically a glowing crotch shot.

To try and decode the meaning behind them, we dug out quotes from each of the bands.

The Vaccines, ‘The Vaccines Come Of Age’

The Vaccines aren’t on their album cover: four female street toughs are. “People said The Vaccines don’t look like rock stars, so we were like, OK then, have these girls,” says singer Justin Young. Each girl represents a different member of the band, and the concept ties in to the title:

“They’re teenage girls, quite androgynous, in that adolescent coming of age period where you don’t know who you are.

Two Door Cinema Club, ‘Beacon’

two door

The ‘Beacon’ of the title is represented by the beacon of light emanating from the underparts of the lady with her head stuck in the ceiling. Speaking to NME, bassist Kev Baird explained the ‘Beacon’ concept thusly: “There’s a lot of tracks saying, ‘I’m not with you now and I’m so busy but soon we’ll get time to be together.’ Then there are other tracks going ‘this is over, it ended because I was away so much and I’m really sorry.’ So we started to think about this analogy that we were aiming for, this beacon. We’d sacrificed all relationships with girlfriends, hardly ever saw our families and lost touch with a lot of really good friends. The three of us were aimlessly headed toward this beacon to the detriment of everything else in our lives.”

So there you have it. It’s kind of a sexy lighthouse. Hmm.

Which of the two albums do you think has the best artwork? Let us know in the comments.