Van McCann’s Best Quotes

Catfish And The Bottlemen's leader is continuing the tradition of gobby frontmen

Rock’n’roll has always been populated by characters – especially ones with big mouths who say things that crack you up, make you see red or make you want to go out and do something. Van McCann’s best quotes prove him to be one of music’s recent additions to the motormouth canons. The Catfish And The Bottlemen frontman has never shied away from having an opinion, whether that be about One Direction, celebrity parties, his own face or, er, jacuzzis…

On repaying his parents…

“Why wouldn’t you want to get on the radio and buy a jacuzzi for your mum?”

[In response to One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson saying he loves CATB] “Genuinely made up you like it but we’re here to do us best to get u lids out charts & bands in. I promised Ma a jacuzzi see.”


On festivals…

“I never really liked them until we played them last year. You always have to drag your gear through the mud and you’re never allowed into the posh bit where the Arctic Monkeys are eating. Now we’ve earned our way into different areas. Now we’re having sticky toffee pudding for dessert… and more!”

“I looked into the crowd’s faces at Reading and the look I was getting off everyone was that look when something is so cute you can’t love it enough, like a newborn baby.”

On their motivations behind making music…

“I got into music to make lads bounce, girls blush and my dad feel proud.”

On finding fame…

“At the end of the day though, even if there’s a thousand people who hate me, there’s a gold disc on my kitchen wall that says a hundred thousand people think I’m alright.”

“I’m a dead simple lad. I smoke fags and drink tea. I write my songs, I get in the van, I sing as good as I can.”


“It’s like we’re still in school while all our mates are off getting married.”

On living the celebrity lifestyle…

“I won’t be going to no mansions to play table tennis with Jonathan Ross. I’d rather write a song at home than go to a party where some guy is telling me he’s just written the bridge for the next Maroon 5 single.”

“We got home at four in the morning for our night off and we had no electricity. It was ice cold, pitch black, I had six jackets on and I was eating tagliatelle on the floor getting stoned with no music, no phone, no internet, no nothing. I was thinking: ‘Is this how Kings Of Leon did it?’”

“We don’t go out partying because we don’t feel like we’ve got anything to party about.”

On the meaning behind their songs…

“You meet a girl, your best mate kisses her and you have a fight, then you meet her sister. Everyone in Llandudno has those sort of stories.”

On ambition…

“Too successful wouldn’t be successful enough for me.”

“If I was gonna be a bin man, I’d make sure I was the best.”

“I think a little bomb will go off in the music industry and people will go: ‘Who’s making all that racket?'”

On striking a pose…

“I’m well too ugly for cover shoots, me.”