Vessels – Free MP3 Downloads (Plus Free Darwin Deez Mixtape)

Best album of 2011 so far? Vessels’ ‘Helioscope’ for me – the Leeds gitchy post rockers are set to release their sophomore soon and it’s another nine tracks of cacophonous joy. Opener ‘Monoform’ is a Three Trapped Tigersy exercise in beserk rhythms and jackhammer guitars while second track (and our free MP3) ‘The Trap’ is the sound of two drum kits being through down a fire escape onto an army of Mogwai fans. It continues in a similar vein.


The band have been remixed by similarly-minded Scots Errors in the past (check out their version of ‘An Idle Brain And The Devil’s Workshop’) but this time round they got the re-edit from none other than Rolo Tomassi. Wait til that one’s five minutes in, then it really kicks off…

Download ‘The Trap’

Download the Rolo Tomassi mix of ‘Meatman, Piano Tuner, Prostitute’

Vessels In Studio

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Darwin Deez has only gone and made a mixtape composed of Willy Wonka samples, the crazy kid that he is. Get it on his site for the price of some Facebook promotion.