VICE Blogs Save NME.COM!


Hi, as you’ve noticed there’s a new blog on NME.COM written by VICE. If you don’t know what VICE is then you’re probably under 14 or over 40. VICE started as a punk zine in Canada 15 years ago, bitching about the local scene. Now it’s a magazine printed in 22 countries around the world full of sex, travel, politics, music, art, comics, film and fashion. As well as the magazine, we make documentaries as VBS.TV and run the website

Today is a good day, because today, thanks to our good pals at NME, we’ll be sharing what we do every day with you, the NME.COM readers. We’ll be posting regular stories from to enhance the quality of your lives, but if we’re not posting them fast enough for you, then you should just check out our website directly.

So, enjoy, but never ever stop checking NME.COM, they’re good good people.