Vince Neil – Does Rock’n’Roll Kill Brain Cells?

Testing musicians’ memories after a lifetime of abuse. This Week: Vince Neil of Motley Crue

Vince Neil

What was the name of your bandmate Nikki Sixx’s pre-Mötley Crüe band?
“They were called London. They were one of the bigger bands on the Sunset Strip back in the day – everyone kind of looked up to them. They were scene gods.”

How many times have Mötley Crüe been nominated for the Grammy Awards?
“I think it was twice – for ‘Dr Feelgood’ and ‘Saints Of Los Angeles’ – but we didn’t win either, which sucks.”
Wrong. It was actually three – the third being for ‘Kickstart My Heart’


Name the other two big bands that played with you on the Sunday of the groundbreaking Moscow Music Peace Festival in 1989?
“Skid Row and The Scorpions.”
Half right. It was actually Ozzy Osbourne and The Scorpions. 1/2 point awarded

Which of your solo singles featured Pamela Anderson in the video?
“‘Can’t Have Your Cake’. She played the mom of the kid who you see reading Playboy. That was actually my son! Also, all the girls you see at the side of the stage were girls that I was dating or had dated. There were a lot of them…”

What is the only Mötley Crüe album to hit Number One in the US Billboard charts?
“Oh that was ‘Dr Feelgood’. I actually have that chart framed on my wall and it’s still funny to see our band beat all the other acts… including Paula Abdul!”

Complete the following Mötley Crüe lyric: “I’m hot, young, running free…”
“‘…a little bit better than I used to be’. It’s ‘Live Wire’! I’ve been singing that for 20-something years so I really should know that. It’s hard because I can’t often remember the middle of songs. To remember the middle, I usually have to start the song in my head from the beginning.”

Name all three singles lifted from the ‘Girls Girls Girls’ album?
“‘Girls Girls Girls’, ‘Wild Side,’ and then…it’s got to be a ballad for the last one. Can I run upstairs and look at a record? (A good minute of umming and ahhing passes) I just can’t think of it!”
Half right. The first two are correct but ‘You’re All I Need’ was the final one. 1/2 point awarded


Your debut solo single ‘You’re Invited (But Your Friend Can’t Come)’ was feautured on the soundtrack of which movie?
“Encino Man [1992’s early Brendan Fraser vehicle – called California Man in the UK]. It was pretty prominent in the movie – probably because the song was a lot better than the shitty movie!”

Canadian rock ballader Bryan Adams was co-credited for writing which song on Mötley Crüe’s seventh album ‘Generation Swine’?
“I couldn’t tell you any songs on that album at all! It was probably a ballad though. He sang on the ‘Dr Feelgood’ album so we’ve been friends for a while. He’s an amazing songwriter – I’ve always been a big fan.”
Wrong. It was ‘Glitter’

What were the names of the two women who featured in your infamous sex tape?
“(Chortles) Janine Lindemulder and Brandy Sanders. Brandy Sanders actually changed her name a few times after to disassociate herself from her Penthouse past and that video.”

Motley Crue

Total Score: 7/10
“I usually suck at this kind of stuff but I’m impressed with myself. Did I Google any of it? Man, I wouldn’t even know how to use Google”

This article originally appeared in the July 10 issue of NME

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