VO5 Heads Up: The Festival Guru – Joel McLoughlin

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Go wild with your festival style. VO5 has partnered with The Mix and lifestyle blogger Joel McLoughlin to give you all the tips and advice you need to make the most of festival season and show resilience when things may not go as planned.

What are your festival must-haves you pack every time? 

I like to cover all bases – I always pack a pair of sunglasses, a bandana, a lightweight raincoat, lip balm, VO5 Instant Volume Powder and VO5 Texturising Gum. You never know how the weather will be so that’s why I love packing lots of VO5 products to keep my hair in great shape.

How do you research which festival you want to go to?

I check the line-up of each festival, write down all of the artists/bands that I like and if there are enough that I want to see then I’ll go for that one! You have to make the ticket price worth it but also sometimes it’s good to go to festivals where you don’t know much of the music meaning you might discover new artists. At the last ever Secret Garden Party this year I saw Jorja Smith – I’d never heard of her before and now I can’t stop listening to her!

Why did you decide to dress up as the devil at Secret Garden Party?!

I don’t usually dress up at festivals, but recently festival attire has kicked into high gear and become all about glitter and dressing up. So this year I decided to go all out and join in. SGP usually has a fancy-dress theme but me and my friends couldn’t quite figure out what to go as. The theme was ‘VIP or celebrity’ so in the end we went for angels and devils. I simply ordered some red face paint (enough to cover my entire body), some inexpensive devil horns and some contact lenses – oh, and a lot of red glitter!

Which festivals are on your list for next year?

It’s not until 2019 but Glastonbury is definitely on my list – a few of my friends have been and said that it is an incredible experience. I’d also like to do Coachella and Burning Man – I think festivals in other countries are a lot more appealing to me just because of the weather!

What are your festival DON’Ts? 

Avoid going crazy on the first night as you’ll be regretting it the rest of the days. Who wants to spend the whole festival sleeping in a tent?

What are your tips if you’ve overdone it at a festival? 

Take it easy, try and rest in your tent or find the first aid tent and explain your situation – your health is the most important thing and you need to look after yourself.

Have you ever had, or known someone who’s had, an emergency at a festival?

A couple of my friends had phones stolen or lost at festivals before. All you can do is report it to security but the best thing to do is to take precautions beforehand – maybe take a budget phone with you or an old one so that if you do lose it, it’s not a nightmare.

What would your advice be to first time festivalgoers – how can they have a great experience but also look after themselves and navigate any issues they may encounter?  

I think it’s a case of being self-aware at all times. Make sure you’re totally prepared before you go – the worst thing is to arrive at a festival and realise you’ve forgotten something! Make a list of what you need and when at the festival itself, pace yourself, enjoy the experience and, most importantly, have fun.

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