VO5 Heads Up: The Festival Guru – Tia Ward

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Go wild with your festival style. VO5 has partnered with The Mix and lifestyle blogger Tia Ward to give you all the tips and advice you need to make the most of festival season and show resilience when things may not go as planned.

What are the festival must-haves you pack every time?

Baby wipes, a portable phone charger, a rain mac that can be rolled into a bag, a slick brush to tame my short hair, VO5 Dry Backcomb Spray to add texture and volume to my hair, Polaroid camera and all the glitter for my body!


What was your highlight from the last ever Secret Garden Party festival?

I really loved dancing in the woods to old-school tunes that my mum used to play when I was growing up! The atmosphere was incredible and I’m really sad it was the last one.

How do you ensure you always look good at a festival?

I always keep a little slick brush with me to keep my hair in place, as well as a mini product like VO5 Instant Volume Powder to touch up during the day. I use waterproof mascara and a heavier foundation to ensure my face looks fresh all day. I usually carry a rain mac in a sexy colour like orange or yellow in case the weather turns – this way I still look cute but avoid getting soaked.

Do you have any festival DOs and DON’Ts?


Plan which bands you want to see and check the time they’re on stage. Take baby wipes. Wear as much glitter as you possibly can, and stick it in place with VO5 hair gel. Remember to charge your phone fully. Stay hydrated! Explore, get lost, make friends, use the bins. Don’t forget your sun cream. Don’t take valuables. Don’t put your tent close to the loos, or at the bottom of a hill.

Which festivals are you eyeing up for next year?

Wireless because it’s always great fun, Lovebox for the acts and vibe and V Fest as I’ve never been before and heard it’s really good. But the ultimate festival I really want to tick off my bucket list is Glasto! It’s not on next year but I really want to experience it… Can’t wait to go some day!

If you’ve overdone it at a festival, what are your tips?

Drink plenty of water, find somewhere relatively quiet to sit down for 20 minutes, breathe deeply, and if you feel sick get medical attention.

How do you plan which bands or artists you want to see at a festival?

I look at the line-up as soon as it’s announced, then decide based on who’s playing whether or not I want to go… When I get there, I figure out who’s playing at what time and organise my treks between stages with my pals. Sometimes we split up to go and see our preferred artists then link up later at the bar.

What would your advice be to first time festivalgoers?

The best experiences come out of a well-planned day or night, seeing all the acts you hoped for. Always factor in that extra time between stages too (to grab a bite or pop to the loo). But most of all, be safe, and have fun!

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