Warning: Jacob Rees-Mogg could be our Donald Trump

A special kind of b*llend seems to be attracted to politics. Ones who aren’t just happy with inflicting their d**kishness on close friends and family, but ones who want their bats**t ideas forced upon an entire nation. The latest in a long line of these homegrown buffoons is backbench Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, who’s pulling up his vintage Bentley behind the icky likes of Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall.

A parody of an aristocrat, his eccentricity often distracts from his nasty, destructive views. He is privilege personified; even though he is a 48-year-old grown man, he admits he’s never ever cooked dinner for himself, never washed his clothes or even changed a nappy on any one of his six children. Such lax behaviour saw Labour MP Harriet Harman branding him a “deadbeat dad”, which is not just hilarious but totally spot on. Instead it’s women who’ve had to sort out Rees-Mogg’s life and make sure he’s got food in his belly and clean clothes on his back. But sadly, Rees-Mogg doesn’t really have much time for women – not least because he’s totally opposed to us having autonomy over our own bodies.

So don’t let his tweed suits, witty repartee and old-timey sensibilities fool you – this is a dangerous man, a man whose fashion sense isn’t just trapped in the past, but his beliefs, too. Top of the list comes his strident opposition of abortion and gay marriage, only last week appearing on Good Morning Britain to confirm his reactionary opinions, saying again how he is “completely opposed” to abortion – even in instances of rape – because of his Catholicism. He also confirmed his opposition to gay marriage but said he couldn’t see a reason why he’d decline an invitation to a same-sex wedding. “If I went, I hope I’d enjoy it,” he said.

So if you’re thinking of inviting Rees-Mogg to your next gay wedding, then please, please don’t. He’d probably end up having the absolute time of his life and there’s no way a guy who thinks LGBTQ people should be unable to love who they want in the eyes of the law should be allowed to attend a vibe-tastic wedding party and get a go on the karaoke machine, too.

Despite these hardline views, Rees-Mogg is a favourite to become the next leader of the Conservative party when Theresa May finally does a shuffle of shame out of Number 10. Consider this an early warning. Remember what happened in the US last year, when Donald Trump was simply that guy from the telly with crazy ideas but not a hope in hell of actually running the country. Then remember what happened next.g