Warpaint Return With Their Poppiest Effort Yet On ‘New Song’ – Track Review

When we last heard from Warpaint they had just shifted gears from their woozy 2010 debut album ‘The Fool‘ into the ambitious prowling of their self-titled second, which came out in 2014. That record found them edging further into brighter territory, bringing R&B influences and dancier rhythms into their work.

‘New Song’, the first track to be taken from their third album ‘Heads Up’, charts that progression further. Where ‘Feeling Alright’ was soft, sombre and sultry and ‘Disco//Very’ centred largely around Stella Mozgawa’s brittle percussion, this initial piece of Warpaint’s third chapter sounds like they’ve stripped away any lingering hints of darkness and fully embraced the light. It’s easily the poppiest thing they’ve ever done and probably the catchiest too – just try not singing it for the rest of the day, even if you only hear the chorus once.

What’s truly great about ‘New Song’ – bar its irresistible melodies – is how the LA ladies compare a relationship to hearing a piece of music for the first time. Any music fan will be able to gush at length about the ecstatic feeling that comes with discovering a new favourite for the first time; a feeling that, as Warpaint accurately point out here, is akin to that of falling head-over-heels in love. “You come along, you come along, and wash away the rain/You are the sun, you are the sun, that leads me back,” they open, later adding: “I have never felt this strong/Dancing to you all night long“. Fittingly enough, that’s exactly how ‘New Song’ will make you feel. Brace yourselves.

‘Heads Up’ is released on September 23 via Rough Trade. Warpaint will tour the UK in October. The dates are as follows:

Bristol, Simple Things Festival (October 22)
Edinburgh, Queens Hall (23)
Manchester, Albert Hall (24)
Liverpool, The Dome (26)
London, The Roundhouse (27)