Warpaints’s Jenny Lee Lindberg – Does Rock’n’Roll Kill Braincells

At last year’s Great Escape festival, Warpaint were videoed performing an impromptu a cappella version of one of your songs for two lucky fans. But which song was it?
“Hmm, that was the one in Brighton, right? Oh man, I’d have to guess and say, ‘Billie Holiday’.”
Correct. Good guess

For the David Bowie covers album for War Child, ‘We Were So Turned On’, you guys did a stirring rendition of ‘Ashes To Ashes’ – but who turned a few heads with their version of Bowie’s ‘Absolute Beginners’ on the same album?
“I should know this… Oh god… French…Presidential… Was it Carla Bruni?”
Correct. It’s fair to say it received a mixed response
“I was right about that?! Oh man, cool!”


Warpaint had their first-ever NME cover last year, but can you name one of the other bands mentioned on the cover?
“(Long pause) I can’t and I’m afraid I don’t remember. I guess I was so excited about being on there that I didn’t notice who else was being bigged up!”
Wrong. We would have accepted Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance, Oasis, The Libertines, Foals, The White Stripes, or Arctic Monkeys
“Bum. I should pay more attention to this stuff.”


Complete the following lyrics: “I’m drunken, I’m tired/And the city I’m walking…”
(Goes fully into song) “The city I’m walking/It feels like it swallows/With my hand in my pocket…”
Correct. But we’ll have to stop you there, unfortunately. From Warpaint’s ‘Shadows’

Warpaint were nominees in the BBC’s Sound Of 2011 poll, but can you name the artist who went on to win it?
“No, I wouldn’t know that.”
Wrong. It was Jessie J
“I did not know that. I feel like I’m learning stuff about my band and British music. This is fun!”

How many US cities did you visit when Warpaint toured with The xx last year?
“Was it 28?”
Wrong. We had 10 counted, not including Canada
“Really? Wow. I guess 10 is fair, but we were gone for such a long time and constantly on the road that I would assumed it was way more than that! (Laughs) Oh boy.”



To the nearest 100,000, how many hits has the video for Warpaint’s song ‘Elephants’ had on YouTube to date?
“Oh god! Like, 70,000?”
Wrong. 1,155,475 at the time of this chat
“Oh my God! That’s both insane and amazing. I’m glad I was way off!”

What is the name of your sister – and former bandmate – Shannyn Sossamon’s character in the HBO television show How To Make It In America?
“I dunno, I only saw one episode of that show, so I can’t remember. I love
Shannyn though!”
Wrong. Her character is an artist called Gingy Wu. Were you a fan of what you saw?
“I’m a fan of Shannyn. I don’t really watch much television, so it’s not fair to comment on the show.”

Back to the ‘Elephants’ video… what has fellow band member Theresa got written on her T-shirt?
“It says something like ‘My face is ugly don’t look at me’, or ‘I’m ugly don’t look at me’… No, it’s, ‘I’m not showing my face, it’s ugly.’”
Correct. That’s very eagle-eyed of you

Your band formed on St Valentine’s Day 2004, but how many people actually died during Al Capone’s infamous Chicago massacre on the same day way back in 1939?
“Oh man! (Long pause). I’m saying 350. That sounds the right sort of number
for a massacre.”
Wrong. It was actually seven people
“Well I guess that panned out better than I thought it did.”

Total Score: 4/10
“Yeah, I guessed it would be that. But considering you woke me from a nap to do this while we’re on the road, I’ll settle for four. Thank you!”