Warwick Davis joined Potter fans celebrating ’19 years later’ and it’s giving us all the feels

Swish and Flick

For Potter fans today, September 1st 2017 is a big day.

It’s the actual exact date that J.K. Rowling wrote about in the ’19 years later’ epilogue to her iconic Harry Potter series in seventh book The Deathly Hallows.


In the epilogue we see Harry and Ginny, now married, arrive at Platform 9 and 3/4 of Kings Cross station with their three children, James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna, and Albus is packed off to Hogwarts for the first time. And today at 11am marked the actual date and time that J. K. Rowling was writing about in 2007.

To mark the date J.K. Rowling posted on Twitter:

But it was away from Twitter, in actual Kings Cross Station where all the real action was taking place. Hundreds of fans gathered at the train station in London, counting down and cheering when the clock reached 11am. For many, the books were a huge part of their lives, having dedicated countless hours to reading, and re-reading, the series over the past two decades, so down at Platform 9 and 3/4 it was a huge nostalgic celebration.

And those who headed to the capital for the momentous day were gifted with an unexpected treat, when Warwick Davis (who played Professor Flitwick, the Head of Ravenclaw house and Charms professor, in the film series) joined them, donning a Ravenclaw scarf and all.


Alongside Warwick in Kings Cross were a flock of Potterheads, many who came in character and donning magical costumes.

Some went all out – reliving their childhood dream of hopping on the Hogwarts Express and heading to the only school of witchcraft and wizardry that really mattered.

And fans were living for the huge celebration:

But some didn’t quite feel ready for the day to come…

Though some did wonder what was happening to those who were just trying to commute to work:

After all this time are fans really still celebrating J.K. Rowling’s magical series? Always.


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