NSFW – Was Kanye Tweeting From Kim Kardashian’s Account Last Night?

Is Kim Kardashian still capable of ‘breaking the internet’? That’s what the reality star and entrepreneur seemed to be wondering yesterday (March 7) when she put out the below bare-all tweet, captioned, “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL”.


The generally disinterested, unsurprised, but still slightly disappointed response was summed up perfectly here:

Meanwhile, Kim continued to write “LOL” like that, her internet nous rivalling Kanye’s ###hashtags.

Then, at 5:36AM GMT on March 8, things started turning a bit Kanye, with Kim boasting that she’d just earnt $80m for her videogame, ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’, and had put $53m of that into the joint account she cares with Kanye.

If you recall, that’s the same amount Kanye recently claimed he was in debt by.

It may have been Kim who said so, but once the famouses started reacting to Kim’s initial tweet, her responses became suspiciously Kanye-like.

Piers Morgan thought it was Kanye, anyway.

Kim then appeared to ask for nudes from 70-year-old Bette Midler.

Kickass star Chloë Grace Moretz tried to get serious with Kim about setting goals for young women, but Kimye wasn’t having any of it.

Since Kanye has literally never tweeted the word ‘boo’ and Kim has, that one probably
is Kim.