Washington Trio Swings Go From Strength To Strength On ‘Sea’ – Track Premiere

Swings’ January 2015 debut album ‘Detergent Hymns’ was a neglected gem – nine wounded, slurred spins on the cult DC hardcore bands they grew up in Washington steeped in the legacy of, but never wanted to simply retread. Back – already! – with a new album, soon for release on trusted Brooklyn imprint Exploding In Sound and cassette label Como Tapes, ‘Sugarwater’ sees the trio make good on their previous tell-tale signs of a band itching to spiral out into other, stranger musical plains – jazz and Slint-era post-rock influences pile into each other, stopping for plaintive piano and autotune howls on the album’s title track and bubblegum slacker sunshine on ‘Dust’. It’s a swift follow-up that proves, in addition to being prolific, Swings are a band of Radiohead-level creative restlessness.

‘Sea’ is the album’s third track, and true to its title a lush wash of low-slung bass and cooed vocals that seem to bob in and out of consciousness. Check out the song below and be sure to pre-order a copy of ‘Sugarwater’, out on November 13.