Watch Aaron Paul On Bank Heists, U2 And His Worst Post-‘Breaking Bad’ Roles

While people may still continue to associate him with his Breaking Bad character Jesse Pinkman, there’s no denying that Aaron Paul’s acting career has taken off since the richly-acclaimed methamphetamine drama ended in 2013.

Appearing in a whole host of films since Breaking Bad, including Need For Speed in 2014 and the award-winning drama Hellion, Paul is enhancing his oeuvre with his latest film Triple 9, a gripping heist thriller that’s out in UK cinemas today.

We sat down with the 36-year-old to discuss “going method” for the new film, as well as covering topics such as the musicians he’d like to play on film and the deluge of terrible roles that he’s been offered post-Breaking Bad: “the number of loveable drug addict roles I’ve been sent is actually comical!”


Watch the full interview below.,AAAAABumiUU~,CmZu1qzq0Nyi2wLZ3ag5VsYLOGyMsPMC&bctid=4761896689001

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