You’ll Wish You Were There When Bill Murray Turned Bartender At His Son’s New NYC joint

It looks like a scene from a Wes Anderson movie: Bill Murray, the majestic and craggy don, bartending in what at first glance looks like it could be an arty dive in a warm European city. But actually this is real life in NYC, just a few days ago (September 18). He was bartending at new joint 21 Greenpoint to celebrate its opening alongside its owner – his son Homer. Doesn’t he look professional?

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The venue on the night was – as Jeremy Corbyn might put it – ram-packed with Bill Murray fans, but there was a strict guestlist in place to prevent just anyone from walking in. Even so, there’s plenty of photographic documentation on the Instagram location feed for 21 Greenpoint, so everyone can get a glimpse of what it was like. Just imagine having the below happen to you.


Sometimes it looked like Murray required intense concentration in order to pour shots perfectly…

…but it looks like he got pretty good at it in the end.

He was also highly skilled at managing people, as this video demonstrates: it’s important to keep everyone on side, while allowing everyone to get equal access to the bar, and these are priorities Murray balanced very professionally.


The classic ‘Who’s next?’ moment. We hope everyone played nice.

To round off the evening, Murray launched into a rendition of The Temptations’ My Girl’ and had a shot or two himself. Consider it a successful bar launch.

Gettin shots from @billmurraynyc at @21greenpoint

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