People Who Have Day Jobs Missed Some Amazing Britney Spears Telly Moments – Watch Here

Britney Spears is currently in the UK promoting decent new album ‘Glory’, and has appeared on pretty much every daytime telly programme bar Homes Under The Hammer. If you’re a student you’ve probably seen all of these already, turned them into GIFS and debated their relative merits over warm tins of Red Stripe, but for everyone with an actual job, here’s what you missed.

Loose Women

Perhaps the most high profile guest Loose Women has ever had, Britney aced the show but drew criticism from Twitter for chewing gum and having missing fake nails. Calm down, Twitter. As well as teaching hosts Janet Street Porter, Coleen Nolan, Nadia Sawalha and Ruth Langsford some signature dancemoves, she also played a hasty round of ‘snog, marry, avoid’, plumping for a smooch from Justin Bieber but straight-out avoiding Simon Cowell and Madonna.

This Morning

This Morning presenter Rylan couldn’t quite get over the fact he was interviewing Britney Spears. But he pulled himself together and got chatting about her empowering high ponytail, before brilliantly baffling her with a game he’d invented which consisted of him doing classic Britney dancemoves and having her guess which ones he was doing. It is a sight to behold.


Britney’s interview for Lorraine was a little bit more conventional; she discussed the joy of being in her 30s, being a fan of Selina Gomez, her Las Vegas residency and being single and happy. Inspirational stuff, guys.

The Jonathan Ross Show

Sure, technically not a daytime show, but with iPlayer, you definitely could watch it at 2pm. So we shall continue. Britney’s tour of UK telly also included this chat show, and Jonathan Ross roped her into a game of Never Have I Ever – complete with questions about shagging, farting, and re-wearing dirty underwear. That’s no way to speak to the queen of pop, Wossy.