Watch Elton John And The Killers’ Brandon Flowers Discuss ‘Wonderful Crazy Night’ And The Joy Of Fatherhood

Elton John has just released new album ‘Wonderful Crazy Night’. It’s his first since 2013’s ‘The Diving Board’, and in a career spanning five decades it is his thirty-second studio album to date – a pacy rate of one every year and a half. ‘The Diving Board’ was a piano-led record with Elton performing without his band, but for ‘Wonderful Crazy Night’, his regular band makes its return. “I want this to be a rock record”, he says, “but I’ve never really been that great at writing a lot of uptempo songs together.”

So working with longtime collaborator Bernie Taupin, Elton created 10 tracks that form “the most uptempo album I’ve made since [1975 album] ‘Rock Of The Westies'”. In the below interview with The Killers‘ frontman Brandon Flowers, Elton discusses his new album, his live show – “we’ve got a lot to choose from”, he says, thanks to the new material – and his children. “I’ve never had that touchstone in my life before. It’s a miracle what they can do for you. I’m in a great frame of mind and the album’s joyous because I’m joyous, and I’m joyous because of those children.”

See the full discussion below:

The Killers are nominated in the ‘Best International Band’ category, supported by Austin Texas, at the NME Awards 2016.