Watch Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Play A Guitar Solo Using His Broken Leg

Hendrix famously used to perform solos with his teeth. Sometimes, he’d sling his guitar behind his back and wail his way through solos like that. Dave Grohl may have just outdone him here, however. As you might recall, especially if you had Glastonbury or Wembley tickets, the Foos man broke his leg last month, after stacking it onstage midway through a show in Sweden. After a string of cancellations, they made their return to the stage last weekend in Washington, with the frontman performing on a giant light-up throne he designed while “high as a fucking kite.” Playing their second show back earlier this week in New Jersey, Grohl was midway through a performance of ‘Sonic Highways’ cut ‘Outsider’ when he launched into a solo with his cast. Yes, that’s right, a guitar solo performed using his broken leg. Check it out.

“That was the first time I’ve ever done the fucking cast solo. Is that okay?” Grohl asked the crowd. “Do you like that cast solo? I haven’t done that yet. What do you think Camden, should I keep that cast solo?” After a round of applause, he added: “Looks like I’m doing it in Toronto.” We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: what a dude.


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