Watch Josh Homme And Jesse Hughes Berate A CGI Banana In Bizarre Eagles Of Death Metal Album Ad

Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes have always put their sense of humour into all things Eagles Of Death Metal – it would be ridiculous of a pair who refer to each other as Baby Duck and Boots Electric to do anything otherwise, frankly. As their new album ‘Zipper Down’ nears release (you can hear the whole thing here), the laughs are piling up. In one recent trailer for the record, the duo sat playing bridge with a bunch of old people, while another had them dressing up as jesters, eyeballs and more as they discussed publicity stunts they could pull.

There’s a new teaser now the album’s a week off release, too. In it, Josh and Jesse hold a pretty convincing argument with a CGI banana called Don who’s been literally stabbed in the back. As ever with Eagles Of Death Metal, it’s surreal, bizarre and bound to make you belly laugh.

‘Zipper Down’ is released on October 2 via Downtown Recordings