Watch LA pop trio Dessert’s creepy new video for ‘Checkmate’

Dessert are unlike anything else right now. The LA group’s songs shift from twinkling, life-affirming melodies to being infested by swampy electronic beats before you know it. It’ll leave you uneasy at first, but once you get a taste of what they’re capable of, you’re already chasing that next fix.

The bonkers new video for their latest single, ‘Checkmate’, slots somewhere down the middle. Uplifting, ethereal keys are in, for sure, but that big electronic womp, the one that sweeps you off your feet, is as subtle as they’ve ever done. Which is fine, because ‘Checkmate’ leaves you smitten enough with what you’re given – a serving of dreamy, unrivalled pop music. Watch the video below.

And if you’re feeling a bit flush, the group have announced that their debut EP ‘Songs For Children’ is available to order now via the medium of wax candle. It’ll set you back $200, but it’s cool, right?

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