Watch Lianne La Havas Talk About Her Friend Prince

We might think it’s tough for us coming to terms with the death of an icon such as Prince, but imagine what it’s like for his friends and family. Folk-soul musician Lianne La Havas was one of the lucky few who could count herself among them.

In 2014, La Havas saw Prince turn up at her house and transform it into his private dressing room. They removed the furniture from her front room and installed a smoke machine, the London-born singer told NME.

“Then they installed a lighting rig, there was a purple light outside, they bought flowers and vases,” she added. “They had a rider for him upstairs, there was catering in the kitchen for everyone – sandwiches. Sainsbury’s sandwiches and cookies, but it was good quality stuff. BLTs, egg and cress.”

He wasn’t there just to eat picnic food though. His band arrived in the evening and held a private audience with just three journalists. Then it was time to whisk La Havas off to Camden’s Electric Ballroom for an invite-only gig to Prince’s personal friends.

The two eventually put their musical friendship to record later that year – ‘Clouds’ features on Prince’s 34th LP Art Official Age, which marked his return to Warner Bros. after 18 years away.

Watch the full interview from 2014 above and read Lianne’s tribute to her dear friend.