Watch Paul McCartney Create Emoji Music For Valentine’s Day

When Paul McCartney was asked by Skype to record some music for Valentine’s Day he wasn’t sure. It was for some ‘Mojis’ – or as everyone else calls them, emojis – created especially for Valentine’s Day. “At first I thought, ‘Is this for me?’,” McCartney explains. “And then I thought, ‘Yeah, why not? Something nice and new,’ so I did. I put music to these things. It was really challenging to do.”

There are ten Mojis in total, photos of which you can see above and below, and their function is pretty much the same as emojis – except these ones move and make a noise every time you send them. Each one of these Mojis has a musical Valentine’s Day theme composed by McCartney. When he was writing them he employed everything from Moogs to whistling and straight guitar. “I’m quite pleased with the way they’ve turned out,” he says, “so I hope that people will use them sending messages of love etc…with my music attached to them.” A statement from Skype adds, “This collaboration will allow Skype users to use this medium to convey love through music in a new and original way.”

Sound like your bag? You can see Macca making his melodies here…