Watch Prince Cover Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ At Coachella 2008

Prince – aka The Purple One – was one of music’s most unique and talented innovators for almost forty years. From the release of his debut album ‘For You’ in 1978, right through to his ultra-prolific final recording phase of the last few years. He will be missed. But at least we have his incredible body of work to remember him by.

Not just an insatiable studio addict, Prince was also among the most incendiary live acts it was possible to see. This incredible rendition of Radiohead’s massive ‘90s hit ‘Creep’ stands testament to that. Performed at Coachella in 2008, the footage has divided music fans ever since, but its haunting beauty cannot be denied. From the quivering, emotional vocals to quite possibly the greatest live solo of his career, if you only watch one video of the man, make it this one.

The clip only recently resurfaced due to Prince’s stringent online copyright rules. But he made special allowances for this, and for good reason. It obviously went viral, and has been doing the rounds ever since. In light of the shocking news, we thought it was only right to revisit it. Watch the entire song below.