Watch Rashida Jones Pay Homage To 90s Music Videos In ‘Flip And Rewind’ Clip

Everyone knows that the 1990s was the best era for music videos. We had lost, anthropomorphic milk cartons, courtesy of Blur, truly terrifying things of nightmares left-right-and-centre from Aphex Twin and some really questionable fashion decisions from pretty much everyone.

Now, in a clip for her music-making nephew Boss Selection’s song ‘Flip And Rewind’, Parks And Rec actress Rashida Jones has paid homage to the best fads and trends from 90s videos: Kangol caps, hair scrunchies and choreographed dance moves galore.

“I just can’t believe it’s not the 90s anymore. All I want to do is go back,” Jones laments in the clip. Us too, Rashida, us too.