See Taylor Swift Lip Sync To Jimmy Eat World Like A Character From A Richard Curtis Film Who Doesn’t Know She’s Being Watched

Some things that seem amazing in theory are less than amazing in practice. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have the taste and texture of stomach bile. Kanye at Glastonbury 2015 sort of looked like a bloke yelling about touching the sky while perched unsteadily on an industrial crane. Yes, sometimes life fails to deliver on its golden promise. And so it is with Taylor Swift lip-syncing to ‘The Middle’ by Jimmy Eat World.

Showcasing Apple Music’s playlist function in a new advert, Tay swipes through various themes, landing on ‘Getting Ready To Go Out’. So far, so good. We all like going out. We all like Taylor Swift. And – holy shit balls – everybody loves Arizonian emo rockers Jimmy Eat World’s 2001 hit ‘The Middle’, a teen anthem that evokes memories of The OC and wearing skate shoes with your school uniform even though it clearly contravened your school’s dress code.

“Oh my God, I love this song!” Tay drawls in voiceover. “I used to listen to this in middle school!” She’s one of us after all!

Ah, but what’s this? Bit embarrassing, the way she sings into her lipstick, isn’t it? Sort of awks when Taylor Swift starts a-slammin’ on her air guitar like a character from a Richard Curtis film who doesn’t know she’s being watched, no? Also, WTF is that body pop thing at 53 seconds? “Everything will be just fine,” the song promises. That’s true. But then Tay mic drops her lipstick and today, at least, is ruined.