Watch ‘The Simpsons’ pay homage to Drake’s ‘Started From The Bottom’

Drake has become the latest musician to be brought into The Simpsons world.

While too busy dancing with Rihanna to make a cameo himself, the show turned to the rap game’s very own Mil0house Van Houten for musical inspiration in the latest episode. ‘Gal of Constant Sorrow’ aired in the US on Sunday (February 21) and sees Bart taking a homeless woman in off the street and putting her up in his bedroom.

He rents out his closet for $1 a day and Hettie (Saturday Night Live‘s Kate McKinnon) pays a week in advance. With cash in his pocket, Bart begins living it up on the streets of Springfield. In scenes similar to Drake’s ‘Started From The Bottom’ video, he splashes the cash in the school canteen and a 98 cents store.


Check out Bart doing his best Drake impression below and also check out the original ‘Started From The Bottom’.

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