Watch The Simpsons Take Down The US Presidential Candidates

There’s an ugly circus of in-fighting, childish name-calling and reputation-smearing currently going from state to state in the US, featuring an eclectic and rapidly-diminishing cast: there’s a slimy billionaire, a former First Lady who isn’t having it all her own way, and – until this weekend – a far-less-electable son of an already shady Presidential family.

Yes, it’s the primaries of the US Presidential election, which go some way to deciding who’ll be running for the White House on election day this coming November. Hopefuls in both the Republican and Democrat camps are touring each of the 50 US states in an effort to earn enough delegates from their respective supporters in order to earn the official party nomination in July. Sounds simple, right?

But the bastions of parody at The Simpsons aren’t letting this misanthropic circus pass them by without a withering comment or three. Matt Groening and co. have taken on this year’s particularly riotous process with a two-minute clip that sends up the candidates in a way that only the animated behemoth can.


As Marge wakes up hyperventilating from a bad dream about the election (interspersed with actual soundbites from the campaign so far), she naively bemoans the fact that “basic manners have gone from politics.” Homer, however, offers his wife some comforting words: “I know things look bad now, but try to visualise another America – one where Republicans, Democrats and Donald Trump all get along.”

And that’s precisely what the show then imagines: Trump, Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio and John Kasich are all presented on a podium saying nice things about one another, before breaking into a rather surreal rendition of Marvin Gaye’s ‘How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)’.

Of course, being American politics, it doesn’t end that way: jibes and snipes turn into an all-out cartoon brawl – including the bizarre sight of Hilary choking Bernie with her pearl necklace whilst shouting “Goldman Sachs says ‘Hello!'” – and thus proves that, even in the Simpsons universe, politics is a dirty game.

Watch the full clip below.

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