Watch This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Impersonate 21 Characters In Under Three Minutes

The long night has begun. The next series of Game of Thrones will be arriving at some point during Easter in 2017, but right now we’re all looking to find the dragon-sized hole in our lives.

Arise Ser Scheiffer Bates. Although he’s got a name that sounds a real character in the bloodthirsty epic, the YouTube star has provided us with some ace impressions of the show’s characters to keep us going until next year.

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There’s no story cohesion between each character, no horrific betrayals or sword wielding maniacs, but that’s fine – because he nails nearly every single impression. In particular, his take on the High Sparrow’s condescending verbal lashings is pretty convincing, however the real jewel is his rasping Littlefinger, which effortlessly captures the character’s creepy persona. Jon Snow, Varys and obviously Hodor all make ‘appearances’, but the latter doesn’t take exactly much skill.

George R.R. Martin might be years off releasing his next instalment in the A Song Of Ice And Fire saga, The Winds of Winter, but when (or if) he ever releases it, we’ve found an ample candidate for the audiobook reading.