Watch This Guy Make A Dubstep Beat Out Of A McDonalds Cup And Straw

If you haven’t seen Channel 4’s weird and insightful documentary series, The Fried Chicken Shop – it’s essentially like 24 Hours in A&E but with possibly more medical emergencies – then you will have at least been in that chicken shop. Maybe not that specific one on Clapham High Street, but we’ve all lived that experience. We all know that weird shit goes down at fast food joints, and not just at 3am.

A perfect example of that? Here’s a man named Parker Kane inside a branch of McDonalds making dubstep noises in a cup. Not just profound, stuttering womps – Kane manipulates the cup’s pitch and timbre with a straw, making the sort of noises over a Big Mac in seconds that Skrillex probably slaves hours over a computer to make. Watch, listen and admire in the clip below.