Watch This Incredible Anti-Gravity OK Go Video

They’ve done jaw-dropping things with dogs and buckets, Japanese schoolgirls with umbrellas and the world’s biggest game of Mousetrap. They’ve played thousands of instruments by driving at them in a car covered in sticks and, of course, they invented the concept of running machine choreography. Chicago rockers OK Go are better known for their mind-blowing one-shot videos than their music, having racked up well over 100 million views for clips for the likes of ‘Here It Goes Again’ (dancing on treadmills), ‘White Knuckles’ (performing dogs) and ‘Needing/Getting’ (Top Gear’s Star In A Reasonably Priced Car but with roadside instruments). And now they’ve even managed to top their own ludicrously high video standards. By about 34,000 feet.

The amazing video for ‘Upside Down & Inside Out’ was shot in one take in a ‘vomit rocket’, a zero-gravity plane and the band take full advantage of the possibilities of float-rock. From weightless acrobatics to flying through clouds of glitterballs and paint balloons, the whole thing looks like a frankly massive laugh, although how the hell they rehearsed it is anyone’s guess.

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